Hello!  My name is Shannon Peebles.  Sound Transcripts is one of my babies.  I’ve been transcribing for well over seven years, but something dawned on me one day.  It dawned on me that transcribing focus groups and DUI cases and things like that didn’t fulfill my life. They were just words being typed on a page.  So a couple of years ago, I started working with another type of client.  I started working with clients who were out to change the world, who were in the business of transformation and transcribing became something new for me.  Transcribing became a source of daily inspiration and learning in every day and in every word that I type, things in my world shifted.

I learned that the world wasn’t about negativity and whining and bitching, but that there was beauty and light and positivity in the world, and that work could be FUN.  And so, I changed my business.  My business now isn’t just transcription and it isn’t just providing help and service to people, it truly is about my own personal journey and I wake up every day so grateful that in my own way, I too am helping to transform the world by helping my clients shine.

I am accompanied daily by my on-site “co-workers,” Tamahome, a rescued domestic short hair cat, and two rescued dogs, Tori, a chihuahua mix, and Ruby a Vizsla/lab/who-knows-what mix.  While not terribly accurate at typing, these co-workers are great at lap and foot warming, as well as knocking any and everything they choose onto the floor, especially pens and headset cords.

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