Golden Nugget Summary

Not every recording needs a full transcript.
In fact, some recordings are more powerful when summarized.


There are Golden Nuggets hidden in the fluff.  No wasted words, no extra reading, just you and the ideas that matter.  The Golden Nugget Summary is a service unique to Sound Transcripts.  We use our experience and intuition to pull out the most important points in your talk to help serve you and your clients at a deeper level.

My clients have used Golden Nugget Summaries for:

  • Branded bonus handouts for their clients
  • Inspiration for their next blog, Tweet, or Facebook post
  • Themes for their next ebook or ecourse
  • Book outlines
  • Discussion items for future meetings
  • Action items for clients to accelerate their growth
  • Awesome free giveaway for their website

Would you like an Golden Nugget Summary of your recordings that pulls all of the juicy bites and leaves out all of the pieces that are “just more of the same”?  Let me help you better serve your clients and followers by making more out of what you already have!

Golden Nugget Summaries start at $100 per hour of audio.

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