What a few of our clients are saying:


“Shannon is key to my success and my sanity in my business. She has handled everything I’ve given her with excellence and always ahead of schedule. Handing things over to her has really enabled me to focus more on my coaching clients, my art, and my family – and less time behind the computer and in systems.  My favorite part of her services are her Golden Nugget Summaries — She recaps all my group coaching calls – some transcription, and some summary.  She captures my best content so that I can leverage it on my blog, in newsletters and in the inspirational art I create.  This content is GOLD and with out her summaries it would be lost in “never-listened-to land.”  Bringing Shannon on to my team was the best business decision I made this year.”  ~ Allison Crow Flanigan


“Shannon Peebles and Sound Transcripts VA services have been a huge part of my online business success.  I love how Shannon keeps my projects in order and gets them out on time.  She has a knack for keeping me on schedule without making me feel rushed. And her standard of service is top notch.  What I like best is that she understands me and does what it takes to get the job done professionally and with heart.” ~ Valerie Sorrentino


“Shannon is a great asset.  It seems like she is reading my mind.  I can give her an idea and she knows how to make a great idea!  Very, very dependable and she believes in doing her best in whatever she does.  I wished I would have found her years ago.”  ~ Cindy Monk


“Shannon is accurate, speedy, and well priced.  Both my husband and I use her transcription service and we are always very pleased with the results.”
~ Anna Wasef


“Shannon Peebles helped me out with some transcription work and her work was superb, as always, and back well before deadline.”  ~ Alicia, Cleveland, Tennessee


“Shannon Peebles’ work is truly exceptional! She is detailed, timely, organized, and has the outstanding ability to convey difficult research dialogues accurately. I highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance, particularly doctoral or masters degree students in need of excellent transcription work for research.”
~ Grateful Graduate Researcher


“Shannon has done quite a bit of work for me ranging from clean reads and good audio to verbatim and extremely difficult audio.  She has pulled through every time with prompt and exceptional transcripts.  Her communication was excellent as well.  It was a pleasure working with her and I would definitely recommend her.”  ~ Leigh Nakata, Hilo, Hawaii


“I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Peebles for some years now, and have found her work product to be impeccable.  The pride and care she shows in her work product is evident and is timely in what is a deadline-driven industry.”
~ Christine F. Clayton, PP, PLS, CERT Dictum Reporting & Transcription

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